Resident Selection

Positions Available

Our program offers Clinical Base Year (PGY 1) training at the University of Kentucky.  We plan to offer 14 PGY1 positions beginning July 2015.

This year we offered (and matched) 12 PGY 1 (also called Categorical or C) positions.

These positions began July 2014 and were offered through the 2014 National Resident Matching Program.

We currently do not anticipate offering any PGY2 positions starting July 2015.  If you are interested in one of these positions, you can submit an application that we would review if a position became open unexpectedly.

Admissions Process

We will participate in the NRMP, as well as ERAS, for 2015.  All applicants applying for PGY 1 positions must apply through ERAS and participate in the NRMP.

We will be accepting applications through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) after September 15, 2014 for PGY1 positions for academic year 2015-2016.

Beginning in early to mid-October, invitations for interviews will be extended to selected candidates.  Interview sessions will begin in November and conclude in January. During the interview, you will meet our Chairman, members of the selection committee, other faculty, and several residents. 

Read more: Admissions Process

Application Materials

If you would like to apply to our program, we require:

  • One page personal statement, including a discussion of your career goals
  • Current CV (ERAS CV is sufficient)
  • Dean's letter of educational performance
  • Medical School transcripts
  • Three current letters of recommendation
  • USMLE or COMLEX results
  • For applicants currently in a residency training program, a letter of recommendation from your current Program Director is required.


For international medical graduates, we also require:

  • Copy of valid ECFMG certificate
  • Documentation of valid Visa status (We do not sponsor H1 Visas)

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Anesthesiology Education Team

Salary and Benefits

Postgraduate Level Annual  Monthly 
First Year  $48,024 $4,002
Second Year $49,547 $4,128
Third Year  $51,178 $4,264
Fourth Year  $52,990 $4,415
  • Vacation
    • First Year = Two Weeks Vacation
    • Second Year & Above = Three Weeks Vacation
    • Eight Holidays & Four Holiday Bonus Days
      * In accordance with University policy and/or compliance with Board Requirements
  • Health Insurance
    UK credit for plan and coverage level chosen
    *(please see UK HR Benefits for health insurance rates)
  • Parking Permit - "E" parking area
  • Lab Coats - Three per year
  • KY Dental/Medical Licensure
    • Dental - original cost plus yearly renewal
    • Medical - original cost for Residency Training (R) or Institutional Practice (IP) license plus yearly renewal

      Read more: Salary and Benefits

Resident Selection FAQ

Q: Do you accept graduates of osteopathic medical schools?
A: Yes, applications from osteopathic students and physicians are welcome and accepted. Although we do accept COMLEX scores as part of the application, we do encourage osteopathic candidates to also provide USMLE scores. Osteopathic students need to participate in the main NRMP match to be considered for a position in our department.

Q: Do you accept graduates of international medical schools?
A: Yes.  For International Medical Graduates, we also require a current ECFMG certificate and recommend at least 3 months of clinical experience that included patient care (not observership) in the US, Canada, or UK; or at least 2 years anesthesia experience in other foreign countries.  If you do not meet these qualifications, but believe that your application is competitive, feel free to submit it to us for consideration.This could then be followed by the already existing FAQ about Visas.

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