Task Simulators

Task Simulators

Simulation training at the University of Kentucky includes the use of state of the art simulation models for task training including airway management, virtual bronchoscopy, echocardiography, central line placement and epidural placement. In this manner we provide a simulation center capable of teaching, enhancing and facilitating the practice of anesthesia across a wide variety of skills sets and anesthesia cases.

Part-task trainers are designed to replicate only part of the environment. Part-task trainers do not require the simulator to be a representation of the whole body with physiological responses that affect the whole body. Instead, part-task trainers replicate anatomy, and in some cases, physiology of a single portion of the human body. The skills taught with part task trainers segment a complex task into its main components.


Vidacare EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System Adult IV Training Arm

Branched 2 Vessel Ultrasound Training Block Model Heartworks TEE Simulator (Allows true-to-life TEE examination)
Spinal Injection Simulator
Blue Phantom -Regional Anesthesia and Central Venous Access Ultrasound (head, neck & upper torso)
IngMar Medical QuickLung Blue Phantom Femoral Vascular Access Lower Torso Ultrasound Model
Blue Phantom IV and Arterial Line Vascular Access Ultrasound Model Blue Phantom Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model
Blue Phantom Thoracentesis and Thoracostomy Ultrasound Model Life/form Central Venous Cannulation Simulator
Blue Phantom Regional Anesthesia Training Block SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Simulator


Airway Management Task Simulators

Several mannequins are available to practice a wide variety of airway management techniques on the adult and pediatric patient.



Infant Intubation Difficult Airway Trainer

Ambu Airway Management Trainer Adult Airway Management
Laerdal NG Tube and Trach CareTrainer The AirSim Bronchi
Cricoid Membrane Puncture Trainer Pertrach Training Block Emergency
cricothyrotomy or tracheostomy device